clear compelling vision

Thanks Boston University Alumni Association for hosting us and broadcasting our webinar, The Secret To Thriving At Work – A Positive Psychology Approach In this webinar you will learn How happiness is essential for success. How you can shift your mindset. The strategies that happy people practice. Our hope for this webinar is that you Read more

If you think of starting a business as a journey, with success (however you define it) as the endpoint, then its a smart idea to create a “road map” to your destination. Crafting a roadmap is the very first step for launching any business be it the next GOOGLE or your idea for selling hand-crafted sweaters for dogs. Consider spending Read more

How to Let People Know About Your Vision

You have a great idea. You have energy, skills and the drive to work hard.  You have crafted a clear, focused, compelling vision of what you plan to create.  The next step is to let people know about it! Here are some tips for getting the word out about your new vision: Share it with Read more