Sharon O’Connor is a management consultant, developmental psychologist, and co-founder of DKS Consulting Group.  She has spent her career helping organizations and individuals achieve goals and reach their potential. Early in her consulting career, Sharon specialized in facilitating large-scale organizational change and diversity training for Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and start-ups.

Sharon’s expertise in promoting diversity was highlighted in the public television program, Managing Diversity in the Workplace. During the past five years, her consulting focus has been executive development and career coaching. Her coaching model empowers managers to strengthen their capacity for leadership, deepen their understanding of organizational dynamics, and transform goals into success.

Sharon received her masters in Social Psychology and her doctorate in Organizational Development from Boston University.  She is certified through the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science in organizational development consulting, a professional member of The O.D. Network, and a member of The Institute of Noetic Science.

Sharon draws on her expertise as a management consultant to facilitate social change. As a consultant for Digital Equipment Corporation, Sharon created a corporate mentoring program that paired Digital employees with urban high school students who were at-risk of dropping out; each student in the program graduated high school.  She translated her passion for facilitating positive social change into community activism by founding the  grassroots giving project, “The Winchendon Project”, that provides rural, poor children and their families with food and warm clothing each year. Her activism has also spread to community gardening with the creation of five community gardens, one of which matched children from a local neighborhood with residents of an assisted living facility.

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