Can you guess what these people they have in common? *A Chief Information Officer who just immigrated to the United States *A female partner who was recently named managing director at a prestigious law firm *An African American first year medical student All are highly intelligent. All are objectively successful in their chosen career paths. And yet, each one struggles Read more

Like many of us, it is an understatement to say that I was surprised by the results of our last presidential election.  In fact, I was heartsick. I was not mentally prepared for the immediate psychological toll of shock and grief – which eventually morphed into anger. The shock of the 2016 election results sent Read more

If you are a senior leader in an organization, not only are you faced with the serious health concerns for yourself and your family, but you are responsible for the safety and health of your workforce. That alone is a huge stressor.  Added to that is a crisis level of uncertainty. You may not know Read more

  We get calls from managers about this all the time. A high performer in the company is behaving badly, and you have tried every technique in your management tool kit (and then some) to reign him in. Nothing seems to work.  Typically, this guy is critical to the success of the company, and you Read more

Our brains are funny. We intentionally set a new goal – for example to exercise every day – no matter what.  We WANT to exercise.  We NEED to exercise. We paid good money to buy really good running shoes.   And a cool athletic jacket.  But, instead of putting on the shoes and hustling ourselves out Read more

  One employee’s toxic behavior can affect the performance of an entire team.  Recent research on team effectiveness has found that the single most important factor influencing high performing teams and the lowest performing teams is the quality of colleague relationships. If relationships on the team are strong, supportive and collaborative, you will more likely have Read more

Women Need Their Voices Heard

  As the Kavanaugh hearings played out, it was clear that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s voice was ignored. So many women we work with express the frustration that their voice is ignored as well, not in a political forum but in the workplace. They’ve put in the hours, earned the credentials, put on the uniform Read more

Graphic with two faces looking at each other and the words Emotional Intelligence below

Research now shows what we intuitively know to be true – that effective management is closely related to emotional intelligence (EQ). In fact, when one researcher evaluated the emotional intelligence of hundreds of people at work, he found that 90% of the top performers rated high in emotional intelligence. Emotionally intelligent leadership has been shown Read more

Computer screen with post-it note with words Hi Sexy!

If you haven’t done sexual harassment training in your office yet, do it now. All your employees need to understand what behavior is appropriate in the workplace, and what isn’t. Training about what is sexual harassment and what are the clear expectations for behavior is an important start. But, if you really want to create Read more

To many of us, what is most shocking about the recent events involving Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Reilly is not the pervasive sexual harassment that has occurred for years and been ignored. But rather the abrupt shift in perception that this behavior is unacceptable, inappropriate and will not be tolerated Read more