I came to DKS looking to find a way to move cities and industries, not an easy task.

Sharon and Dale walked me through their strength findings and visioning exercises, enabling me to speak to prospective employers confidently and assertively about my transferable skills and to detail exactly what industry and work environment I wanted.  My newfound focus enabled me to gain interest from employers, land interviews and ultimately get a job in the industry I wanted in the city where I wanted to live!  I am excited to start my new career!


Working with DKS allowed me to discover what I was truly passionate about.

I consider myself a to be very self-aware and attuned to my professional wants and needs. But working with DKS allowed me to discover what I was truly passionate about and, perhaps more importantly, what I actually want to do every day in my professional life. Their process was fun and productive. It led me to make a professional change that has been a long time coming, but that I would never have identified and unleashed without DKS’s help. I highly recommend their services to young people who want to make a career change but are feeling a little lost.

RW, freelance writer and editor

I recently took a job as SVP and Chief Integration Officer

It is a highly entrepreneurial role about which I am excited.  My updated resume was a huge driver in me landing the position.  The CEO actually said multiple times “your resume is perfect for what we need” and he also ended up sending it out to many people in the company, so I’m certainly glad we put the work into it!

Thank you for your help, and best regards,

MD, MBA Healthcare Executive

Recent College Grad landing a “great fit” job

I hope you both are doing well! I wanted to reach out and let you know that I accepted a job and started this week at a startup…! I have been loving it so far and it is the exact environment that I had been looking for. My position is the customer experience associate.Thank you both again so much for all of your help with everything, you were both so helpful and so great to work with!

-JC, Recent College Grad

Thanks so much, DKS

Thanks so much DKS – Your advice was so helpful in making the decision to move from the firm and take on this new job.

SJ - Legal Counsel
An International Advertisement and Public Relations Company

I am so happy that I do not have to be a part of litigation or lengthy cases anymore!

DKS gave me strategy and things to think about particularly with regard to figuring out what I like about the law before I made a major determination that I was in the wrong field.  Karen also picked up on the fact that writing needed to be an important component of what I did.  They helped me figure out the next step in a positive direction rather than just run away from my current employer. I have now found a job within the legal field that allows me use my best skills such as public speaking, interpersonal, training, and writing and I am so happy that I do not have to be a part of litigation or lengthy cases anymore. And finally, your suggestions on my resume were extremely helpful!  Thank you so much for your advice and guidance.

MB - Legal Counsel
State Municipal Association

I was able to negotiate both a better title and salary

I want to thank you so much for all your help and support over the past year.  I have accepted an offer as a Senior Strategist at (…tech company).    I was able to negotiate both a better title and salary, and your advice was most helpful during this process. You have been a tremendous resource, sounding board, and source of support for me — thank you!


MM - Urban Planner, Strategist

I Have a Path Forward Now

You helped me see possibilities that I couldn’t see. I have a path forward now. Thanks for your help.

M.C. - Career Coaching Client

From Idea to Paying Clients in 2 Weeks

Because of your practical ideas and encouragement, my business went from an idea that I was too scared to make happen, to paying clients, in two weeks. You know from experience how to make a small business successful.


C.D. - Reiki Practitioner

“You Guys are The Greatest!”

I don’t know where I would be without you. Probably still at [. . .] wishing I was moving forward with my life in some way. You guys are the greatest.


I.K. - Career Coaching Client

Experts in Taking Us to Our Next Level of Development

Though we have been in business for 10 years, we needed professional Business Consults who were able to understand our unique business, and were experts in being able to take us to the next level of our development. The three of you were the perfect team that helped us bring more clients to our pre and post adoption practice. DKS helped us look at all the facets of our business from our website to our critical thinking about the direction of our business. Our heartfelt “Thank You” to Dale, Karen, and Sharon.


Adoption Associates

The team at DKS Consulting is fabulous

The team at DKS Consulting is fabulous and really helped me figure out my next career move. I came to them unsure of what exactly I wanted to do, but through a series of exercises and discussions, they helped me to realize my skills and strengths, ultimately putting my new career into clear vision. The team is different from other career coaches in that they work together and each bring something different to the table. I am excited to be starting my own business and owe it to DKS for giving me the confidence, support and clarity! I would highly recommend DKS to anyone who is unsure whether they are in the right place, career wise.


M.G. - Strategic Communications

I now have my dream job and have launched a business which is my passion!

Dale, Karen and Sharon gave me the most thorough career advice I have ever gotten. I knew they were good, but having the perspective of three bright and successful businesswomen all focused on me and my dreams was a powerful experience. They were able to look at my history, experience, and goals from a number of different perspectives, which gave me a full-spectrum view and thorough understanding of my value and strengths. The areas where I needed to improve or grow were suggested with positivity and from a position of “we know you can do it” and so I really did know that I could do it! After every session, I felt exceedingly empowered and able to conquer the next steps in my career progression, even ones that previously felt totally insurmountable. Going through the process with them has helped me in every area of my life. I have more confidence in my personal relationships and interactions, and I am also able to clearly and quickly articulate my value in a professional setting. Because of their advice, during the interview process, I knew exactly how to prepare and how to steer the conversation so that I could highlight my strengths and how I would be a great fit for the position – before the interviewer even asked! Thanks to DKS’ guidance and support, I now have my dream job and have launched a business which is my passion. I am grateful for every session we had together and what I learned will last me throughout my career and life on so many levels. To anyone who is considering a career coach, please do yourself a favor and hire DKS. You will be glad you did

S.S. - Business Development Executive and Entrepreneur

Invaluable in helping me navigate my career transition.

The team at DKS Consulting was invaluable in helping me navigate my career transition. I started working with them after an unsuccessful seven months of looking for a new position. They helped me to clarify my goals and vision and most importantly how to articulate my elevator pitch. They were also excellent at helping me prepare for interviews and working with me on pertinent answers to questions. I walked into interviews more confident and assured in my abilities and knew how to present myself. I landed a job in a difficult field and owe my success to the confidence and support they gave me. Job searching can be demoralizing and it was often hard to maintain self-motivation. Working with DKS gave me a renewed sense of purpose and focus and helped to keep mentally positive throughout! I cannot recommend them enough.

S.R. - Sustainability Management Consultant, NY