Women Need Their Voices Heard

  As the Kavanaugh hearings played out, it was clear that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s voice was ignored. So many women we work with express the frustration that their voice is ignored as well, not in a political forum but in the workplace. They’ve put in the hours, earned the credentials, put on the uniform Read more

Computer screen with post-it note with words Hi Sexy!

If you haven’t done sexual harassment training in your office yet, do it now. All your employees need to understand what behavior is appropriate in the workplace, and what isn’t. Training about what is sexual harassment and what are the clear expectations for behavior is an important start. But, if you really want to create Read more

The meetings. And more meetings. Big meetings, small meetings, and that presentation at the professional conference looming in the future are enough to make any manager weary – let alone if you are an introvert who finds speaking in front of groups larger than two (and you are one of the two) to be energy Read more

When The Office Romance Blows Up!

Office Romance

Everyone knew that Lisa and Colin had something going on.   Most of the time, they behaved very professionally, and in a meeting no one would have suspected that they were seeing each other.  But there were the furtive glances exchanged in the lunchroom, hands brushing against each other in the elevator, and leaving within Read more

Moderating a panel

Months ago you were asked to moderate a panel discussion, and without thinking through what that really meant, you said,  “of course, I would love to”.  It seemed like an easy way to network and market your business- how hard could it be?  Well, you just got an email from the panel organizer with the date and time confirmed and the contact information for Read more

Often times, situations in the workplace can trigger us to respond in a very angry, distressed or  “less-than-rational” way. You may have a co-worker or boss who regularly sabotages your work or undermines your decisions. It may be a manager who instructs you to do one thing, then swears she told you to do something else. It may be a subordinate who Read more