Dale Sokoloff is a Harvard trained clinical psychologist who has focused her career on helping individuals, families, and organizations discover their own strengths and how to successfully use them. Dale’s training and experience as an individual, group, and family therapist and supervisor led to an interest in applying these skills to the business world.

Dale was previously on the faculty of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. She was Director of Family Therapy for the Eating Disorders Program and a supervisor in the Family Therapy Program for nearly twenty years. Dale lectured nationally on these topics and is widely regarded for her sense of humor and common-sense approach to serious issues.

Dale co-founded DKS Consulting Group with Karen Hoffman and Sharon O’Connor, and she RECENTLY TRANSITIONED TO AN ADVISORY ROLE. Dale, KAREN AND SHARON co-created Empowerment Fitness®, a six-stage program design to help individuals and organizations break through obstacles and achieve results. Empowerment Fitness® has been featured in Positive Health Magazine, the Boston Globe, Metrowest Magazine, The Needham Times, and several other newspapers nationwide.

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