We create customized coaching and consulting packages  tailored to your specific needs, designed to help you craft your work environment into one that you thrive in.

The process is the same whether you are an individual or an organization seeking to create internal change. From the time you contact us through to your desired results we help you move through each step. We will help you identify your strengths as an individual or organization and step by step, move you towards what you need to thrive.

Experts in Taking Us to Our Next Level of Development

Though we have been in business for 10 years, we needed professional Business Consults who were able to understand our unique business, and were experts in being able to take us to the next level of our development. The three of you were the perfect team that helped us bring more clients to our pre and post adoption practice. DKS helped us look at all the facets of our business from our website to our critical thinking about the direction of our business. Our heartfelt “Thank You” to Dale, Karen, and Sharon.


Adoption Associates

 We will begin to reconnect you to your true career passion by uncovering the skills and strengths that you love to use the most.

From there we’ll help you create a clear compelling vision incorporating those things that you love.  Then together we'll build an action plan to make it happen, whether you choose to remain where you are or move in a different direction.

We do this individually or in groups. On an organizational level, we know that organizations that thrive are made up of people who are thriving in their work within the organization. While we are working with you, you have at your fingertips a business management consultant specializing in thriving through organizational change, a clinical psychologist with a specialized focus on the science of positive psychology and an attorney skilled in mediation in both small business and families.  While you work primarily with two of us, all three of us are actively involved with every client.

I was able to negotiate both a better title and salary

I want to thank you so much for all your help and support over the past year.  I have accepted an offer as a Senior Strategist at (…tech company).    I was able to negotiate both a better title and salary, and your advice was most helpful during this process. You have been a tremendous resource, sounding board, and source of support for me — thank you!


MM - Urban Planner, Strategist

We know what it takes to create a partnership that works and works well. We are doing it!

We came together in 2003 to create a work experience for ourselves that resulted in a thriving business partnership that has lasted over a decade. We blended our different sets of skills, strengths and experiences to create a unique and powerful consulting practice. We can do the same for you because we know what works.

You decide how much support you need.

Our customized packages range from targeted problem solving to comprehensive management consulting. Whether you choose a team-based approach or one-on-one coaching, together we’ll come up with a program that’s right for you.



Workplace Investigations

Sexual Harassment Training & Coaching

Behavioral Change Coaching

Crisis Management

Employee Mediation & Facilitation

Leadership/Management Training

Workplace Culture: Vision, Mission, Values

Entrepreneurship & Starting a Business


Move forward in your company

Become an effective leader

Negotiate higher salary

Navigate company politics & difficult relationships

Think strategically & create action plans

Strengthen confidence & presence

Find allies & mentors

Manage stress & find time for yourself


Uncover your real strengths

Discover your marketable skills

Find more meaning in your work

Re-craft your resume & social media presence

Expand your network & find connections

Prepare for interviews

We specialize in workshops and trainings teaching you to

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