Positive Psychology

Can you guess what these people they have in common? *A Chief Information Officer who just immigrated to the United States *A female partner who was recently named managing director at a prestigious law firm *An African American first year medical student All are highly intelligent. All are objectively successful in their chosen career paths. And yet, each one struggles Read more

Like many of us, it is an understatement to say that I was surprised by the results of our last presidential election.  In fact, I was heartsick. I was not mentally prepared for the immediate psychological toll of shock and grief – which eventually morphed into anger. The shock of the 2016 election results sent Read more

Webinar Screenshot with words "The Secret to Thriving at Work"

Thanks Boston University Alumni Association for hosting us and broadcasting our webinar, The Secret To Thriving At Work – A Positive Psychology Approach In this webinar you will learn How happiness is essential for success. How you can shift your mindset. The strategies that happy people practice. Our hope for this webinar is that you Read more

Recently, media attention has focused on the issue of bullying among players in the NFL. Although football players are trained to be aggressive and competitive, many people were surprised to learn that some players turn this aggression against their teammates.  But actually bullying in the workplace is a common phenomenon, affecting one in three individuals Read more

If you’re a small business owner, you are probably looking forward to the day when you have more clients than you can handle, and a flood of work.  But when it actually happens, it can be very overwhelming. Your current clients want their needs met yesterday, you have new business leads that go untapped, and Read more