Marketing Kick in the New Year

In the New Year, we all consider ways to give our business a marketing kick without investing a lot of money into advertising. We suggest you consider a co–promotion with a company that shares your target market.

Co-promotion is simple- you promote someone else’s business and they, in turn, promote yours.

We have used co-promotion to foster mutually beneficial business relationships across the country. As small business owners, we understand the value of preserving capital and tapping into new markets. Co-promotion is a creative and inexpensive way to promote your business. It has worked for us, and it can work for you too- but you need to think “outside the box”.

Below are co-promotional initiatives that you can use to amp up your business. And, they are FREE.

  1. Link Sharing with Like-minded Businesses: List your link on our website and list our link on yours. Link sharing can exponentially broaden your market exposure.
  2. Newsletter Spotlight: Highlight each other’s businesses in company newsletters or email blasts. We have included a section in our newsletter called “empowering partners” where we promote a complimentary business that our clients might find helpful.
  3. Coupons: Offer a coupon that adds value to another business. We offered a coupon for a free half-hour of coaching for all attendees at a business networking event.
  4. Gift with Purchase: Offer a gift from your business inside another business product. We offered a free coaching download with the sale of a nationally distributed product.
  5. Email Promotions: Trade email promotions by forwarding contact lists. This can instantly double the reach of your email promotions.
  6. Give a Talk, Demonstration, or Display at an unrelated Business Location: Consider hanging your art or photography at a hair salon, giving a talk on organization at a health club, sponsoring a community or non-profit event in your community. The patrons of an unrelated business may be your target market!

You may have used some other co-promotion strategies. Let us know what has worked for you and your business. And, if you are interested in co-promoting with DKS Consulting Group,  we are always open to new ideas.

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